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Put the pork mince into a wok or frying pan.

Slice the citrus leaves into small pieces and add to the frying pan.

Chop the spring onions, fresh chilies and coriander and add them to the pan.

Add the fish sauce, lime juice, dried flaked chilies, toasted sticky rice and water to the pan.

Turn up the heat to high and fry until the pork is well cooked through.


Fry some small pieces of Pigs Liver (Tạb h̄mū) and stir into the mixture.

Serve on a bed of Lettuce.

Spicy Pork Mince

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400 g Pork Mince (H̄mū s̄ạb)

20 g Fresh Red Chili  (Phrik chī̂f̂ā dæng)

2 Tablespoons Flaked Dried Chili (Phrik h̄æ̂ng)

5 Kaffir Lime Leaves (Bai ma-gruud)

10 g. Coriander Leaves (P̄hạkchī)

10 g. Spring Onion (T̂n h̄xm)

4 Tablespoons Fish Sauce (N̂ảm Plā)

1 Tablespoon Toasted Rice (K̄ĥāw k̄hnmpạng pîng)

2 Tablespoon Lime Juice (N̂ảm Anāw)

2 Tablespoons Water (N̂ảmpel̀ā)

10 g. Fresh Mint (Thả h̄erīyỵ)

Bai ma-gruud
Lime Leaves
Red Chili
Total Time :  about 10 minutes   -   Serves: 3-4
The brackets show the Thai Name in English phonetics
Phrik chī̂f̂ā dæng Phrik h̄æ̂ng
Dried Chili
Serve with:
Steamed Thai Jasmine rice (in a rice cooker is easiest), slices of cucumber (Taeng Kwa) and/or chopped yard long beans (Tua Fugk Yaew) and/or Raw White Cabbage (P̄hạk kād k̄hāw).
T̂n h̄xm
Spring Onions
Thai Mint
Thả h̄erīyỵ H̄mū s̄ạb
Pork Mince
N̂ảm Plā
Fish Sauce
Taeng Kwa Thai jasmine rice Tua Fugk Yaew P̄hạk kād k̄hāw
Serve with: