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Away from Bangkok, there are many other places to visit, there are specific Tourist Beach Resorts, such as Phuket and Pattaya, but these do not reflect the real Thai culture,as they have been taken over by the lucrative and renowned Thai sex industry. North east of Bangkok , why not visit Tiger Temple, where fully grown Tigers run free in the temple grounds. The Tigers are bred and cared for by Buddhist monks, who walk with them around the temple. You can get right up close to the Tigers and have your phot taken whilst petting them. An experience you will never forget! (You will have to sign a release form, in case you get eaten by one, has not happened yet, I think!).

Tiger Temple

Taking a Tiger for a walk at Tiger Temple

Family Attractions

Fantasea,  in Phuket , ‘The Ultimate Cultural Theme Park’.  Built on the  very word ‘Thai’ meaning free.  To Thai’s, ‘Thai’ is a story. A colourful tale of adventure, fantasy and romance, lavishly spiced with mystery and magic. ‘Thai’ is best expressed in its most unique and eloquent form, through song and dance and most importantly, with a fun loving spirit. Phuket FantaSea is this story a living tapestry of Thai history and culture, all woven together in one magical creation designed to share the extraordinary wealth of Thai heritage for all the world to experience.

Bridge on the River Kwai>

Lung Steeb