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In theNorth, in the mountains of Chang Rai and Chang Mai you will find the villages of the colourful Akha people. These people originated from Tibet and are also found in China and Myanmar (formerly Burma).

They reside at high altitudes and their villages are distinguished by their carved wooden gates, which are basically wooden frames that appear to be waiting for a gate to be added, and are protected by ‘guardian spirits’ so do not touch this gate as this is a spiritual gate.  Their houses are raised from the ground on low stilts, and usually have a large porch leading into a square living area.

In order to survive, they supplement their income by selling handicrafts using traditional skills that are used in making their clothes and cultural items.

The Akha people are very spiritual people and their lives are steep with tradition and superstition.

They wear colourful traditional dress, and have adapted to tourism, selling handicraft souvenirs, and their services for photo opportunities. Hill trekking has also become quite popular with tourists.

The Akha People Family Attractions

Siam Water Park,  is a huge recreational park featuring various swimming pools, towering waterslides, whirlpools, fountains and a lake. The park's highlight is the 400-metre Super Spiral waterslide, while the giant man-made sea pool with artificial surf is just as spectacular.

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Lung Steeb