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Also in the far North, near the Burmese, border is Mae Hong Son. Pang Ung in Mae Hong Son is a project of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty Queen of Thailand.

Pang- Ung about 44 km from the town of Mae Hong Son, is similar to a large reservoir. The area around the reservoir is lined with giant pines. What makes this reservoir popular and attractive to tourists is to see the reservoir as it was many years ago still maintained in this way, with views of the mist floating high above the water in the still calm morning. To watch the sun rise up in the morning to greet the new day and leave peacefully in the evening.

Visitors to Pang-Ung could not escape the shear image of beauty. If you get the opportunity to visit take the bamboo raft ride to touch the mist an experience that should not be missed.

The terrain of high mountains and large reservoir, fresh air and natural beauty of Pang-Ung is waiting for tourists to experience throughout the year.

Mae Hong Son Family Attractions

Siam Water Park,  is a huge recreational park featuring various swimming pools, towering waterslides, whirlpools, fountains and a lake. The park's highlight is the 400-metre Super Spiral waterslide, while the giant man-made sea pool with artificial surf is just as spectacular.

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