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Bangkok and other big Tourist areas really come to life at night, with go-go bars, night clubs, discos, lady boy shows, Thai boxing, English & Irish pubs and much much more. Restaurants and shops are open until very late, and street vendors appear on every street and corner.

Nightlife Lady Boy Shows Live Music

Live Bands in Bangkok, Swing to freeform jazz, hotel lounges glow with soul diva sounds, and bars swoon to amorous Thai acoustics. Hard Rock Cafe kicks off at about 10 pm , Jazzit at 8 pm.

In the other big touristy places you will also find plenty of live bands, discos and karaoke bars. There’s always something to get your interest at night in Tourist Thailand.

Dinner Cruises

Take a journey along the ‘River of Kings’, aboard a luxury cruiser or teakwood rice barge. Be amazed at the sparkling temples. At the same time enjoy a sumptuous meal.

On the Chao Phraya river, The Temple of Dawn, Wat Phra Kaew and The Grand Palace are just 3 of the wonderful sights you will see. Eat 6 course dinner accompanied by classical Thai Kim music and dance.  Visit the tour operator


Cocktails at a rooftop bar, want to sit in the clouds whilst you sip on a cocktail? Breathtaking views and stunning crowds.

Bangkok is renowned for it’s multitude of go-go bars and night clubs. Phuket and Pattaya have there share of them too.

Night Clubs Bangkok Siam Niramit

This combines an authentic Thai buffet with a world-class stage show depicting Thailand's historical and spiritual heritage.

Nothing, is more glamorous than a Bangkok Lady Boy Show! The incredible costumes, spectacular sets and stunning ‘Ladies’ will leeve you gob smacked.
Thailand's katoeys are some of the most beautiful - and convincing - transvestites in the world, and widely accepted in Thailand society.