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Thailand’s cultural heritage was influenced by ancient India when the Indian merchants and scholars set foot and gradually settled in Southeast Asia some 2,300 years ago.

Thai Cultural Heritage

It continued for several centuries. Buddhist religion and popular myths are the most obvious examples. Much of Thailand’s royal tradition is also rooted in Indian culture. Buddhism is thought to have first come to Thailand at Nakhon Pathom, While Indian concepts of divine kingship first took root in the Khmer empire.

By the 6th century AD, many independent states were flourishing in the region we now know as Thailand. One of these was the Mon’s Dvaravati kingdom. Mon dominance over central Thailand has been diminished by the power of an expanding Khmer empire.

Eventually, The Khmer became so powerful that they ruled the entire area. Only the southern isthmus where the Srivijaya civilization had taken root was unaffected.

Towards the end of the 13th century, Khmer power in this area waned and new kingdoms dominated by the Thai race developed, including the northern Lanna kingdom. Beginning by nibbling away at the perimeter of the Khmer empire at Sukhothai and in Lanna some 700 years ago, the Thai race later established the glorious court at Ayutthaya, and eventually Bangkok. Over the past centuries, many peoples, among them the Chinese, Arabs, Malays and Westerners, have contributed to Thailand’s cultural heritage. Thailand’s majestic cultural heritage inherited over the past centuries was dominated or influenced by many kingdoms encompassing the area including the powerful Khmer. The remains of their cultural heritage can still be seen in many places through out the kingdom.

Thai Prayer

This is a Thai Prayer set to music. Beautiful to say the least.