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Koh Ngai,  is an island district in Krabi Province, but actually it can better be reached via Trang in the Southern Andaman Coast. Like many other coastal destinations in Southern Thailand, it is known for its diving and long white beaches.

It is a small island, 4 km long and 2 km wide. It is mountainous and covered by tropical forest, much of the coastline is indented with rocky headlands, while the eastern part has some beautiful sand beaches, and in the south coconut plantations and more beautiful smaller beaches. The island has  white beaches and clear water and is surrounded by magnificent corals.

Don't be surprised to see crab-eating monkeys and monitor lizards coming down from the mountains. In the uninhabited western and northern parts of the island, bird watchers should have a field day looking out for migrating birds. Snorkelling is easy along the western and southern coast, where some reefs can be accessed directly from the beach.

There are no roads on the island, so getting around from one beach to another is done on foot, or long tail boats that can be hired at the resorts.

Koh Ngai offers some spectacular jungle trekking amongst virgin jungles.

There are several resorts on the Island with rooms for as little as 1,200 bahts per night (£20 approx.), but negotiate and you’re sure to get a discount.

You won’t find any Hypermarkets, Superstores, hawkers or the like here, just peace and quiet, sun, sand and relaxation, a real paradise.

Best Beaches - Koh Ngai Candle 

Although the holiday of Loy Krathong is now celebrated throughout the kingdom, Loy Krathong originated in Sukhothai, the first Thai capital.

While particularly popular with couples who head down to any nearby body of water to light the candles and incense on their floating Krathongs. Highlights of the Sukhothai Loy Krathong celebration include displays of lighted candles and fireworks, folk dancing and a spectacular light & sound presentations.

The festival takes place in November.

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