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Pattaya,  Most people go to Pattaya to soak up the sun on the beaches, for the swimming and the relaxed atmosphere and sea breezes. There is a choice of beaches in Pattaya, with more than 15kms of sandy coastline offering everything from private coves to long sweeping beaches and busy fun-filled waterfronts.

The most convenient and popular beach for most people is Pattaya Beach itself. It is within walking distance of most of hotels in the Pattaya area.  Just a short walk across the road and you’re on the beach. The beach is mostly covered by umbrellas and deck chairs and small tables underneath. These cost 20 baht each for as long as you’re there, and are available from 7 am until dark (6 pm).

The providers of the deck chairs will also provide you with food and drink from local restaurants or their own ice, beer and soft drinks.  

The many beach sellers striding the beach will offer you anything from fresh oysters to battered, deep-fried prawns  (and they are huge, fresh and delicious with a chili sauce), soft drinks, sunglasses, and souvenirs. Others offer on-the-spot Thai massages, which can be very relaxing in the shade with the sound of the sea nearby. For these and many other reasons ,Pattaya Beach is popular with ‘farangs’ and Thais

However if you prefer peace and quiet then this is not the place for you as it does get very busy.

If you like water sports, you can get assisted  windsurfing behind a speed boat, banana boat riding, jet skiing, sailing and much more.

The beaches are safe and clean, with regular clean-ups by local government and volunteers. Swimming areas are buoyed off, but this in not an untouched tropical paradise.   

Best Beaches - Pattaya The Ghost

Phi Ta Khon is a type of masked procession celebrated on the first day of a three-day Buddhist holiday known as ‘Boon Pra Wate’.

The annual festival takes place in May, June or July at a small town of Dan Sai in the northeastern province of Loei.

Participants  dress up like ghosts and monsters wearing huge masks made from carved coconut-tree trunks, topped with a wicker-work sticky-rice steamer. The Procession is marked by a lot of music and dancing.

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