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Khanom, is a village alongside the northern mountains of Nakhon Si Thammarat province. It is about 80 km drive from the town of Nakhon Si Thammarat. It is a heavenly paradise, and has not yet been discovered by the majority of tourists. This unspoiled tropical paradise has over 8 miles of pristine tranquil beaches. Most of the tourists here are Thai nationals, whilst there is some foreign tourists and residents.

Khanom is renowned for its natural beauty and fine white sandy beaches. The beaches are lined with coconut trees and overlook the clear blue-green water of the sea.

Not many people know that Khanom is the breeding grounds of the very rare pink dolphins, which can often be seen passing by in the open sea around breakfast time. These dolphins are thought to be a unique sub-species of the Chinese white dolphins. Unfortunately these dolphins are nearly extinct.

Here you won’t find the usual huge condominiums, megastores, go-go bars,discos, touts, hawkers or “Cheap Suit Sir” shops. It is a sleepy little village, with warm, friendly locals that will smile at you and wave as you ride your bike through the town.

Prices here are very reasonable, with a beach side bungalow costing as little as 800 bahts (£16 GBP) per night.

There are also other attractions here, two extraordinary caves, and five incredible waterfalls on the edge of Khao Luang National Park.

I have spent several relaxing days here and can recommend it to anyone that wants a relaxing, peaceful break in the sun, by the sea in paradise.

Best Beaches - Khanom Thai Cooking

Why not take a cooking class on how to prepare The Foods while you’re there. Then you can replicate those incredible flavours when you return home, and impress your friends. Classes are available at several locations around Thailand, Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui and many more. Some hotels provide courses too. Prices start from as little as 900 bahts for a day class, that’s less then £19 (GBP).

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Pink Dolphins of Khanom
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