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Songkran 2011

The first thing that strikes you when you land at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport, is the smiles. It seems that every Thai person was born with a smile on their face and they always seem genuinely happy to greet the 'farang' tourists. ('farang' is the Thai's name for a foreign visitor).

About Thailand

The Suvarnabhumi International Airport has all the facilities of any other International Airport, with Foreign Exchange, Cash Machines, Restaurants, Shops, Car Hire and much more.

If you're thinking of hiring a car, don't forget to take your driving licence with you. In Thailand they drive on the left, the same as the UK and you can drive on your UK licence, but you should get an International Driving License, a word of warning though, driving in Thailand is very different to driving in the UK.

Do’s and Don’ts

Driving in Thailand>

This year’s Songkran Water Festival is between April 13th and 15th. If you don’t like water and are in Thailand, stay inside during this period.

Songkran heralds the beginning of the solar year. Mahasongkran is the last day of the solar year, Wan Nao is the day after and Wan Thaloeng Sok is the day when the New Year begins.

Thais pray to the Buddha on New Year’s day, clean temples and houses and offer alms to the monks. They also sprinkle water or wash their elders as a mark of respect.

The pouring of water is  symbolic of cleansing the spirit, mind and body. It is also supposed to wash away bad luck.
April is also the hottest time of the year.